You Can Live a Thriving Life Amid Your Storms

I recently spent two weeks in the Thousand Islands area in upstate NY vacationing. This is the area that I grew up. I love the St. Lawrence River; I will always be a river rat as the locals say. The Thousand Islands Bridge is shown above. Tidbit about me – I painted the bridge for six years as it was my summer job that got me through college.

During my vacation, I spent time praying and thinking about why I want to blog. In searching for the answer, I spent an hour watching a webinar about the power of blogging. This webinar was hosted by Jeff Goins who is an author, blogger, and speaker. Jeff described five key principles for writing powerful blogs. The first two grabbed my attention the most.

Finding my clear message that I want to convey in every blog was key principle #1. In defining this message, Jeff suggested I fill in the following sentence: Every (blank) can/should (blank).  It didn’t take much time for me to fill in the blanks:

Every person can live thriving lives amid the storms that swirl around them.

I totally believe the above statement because I’ve lived a thriving life as I journeyed through five cancer diagnoses in as many years. It can be done! I will show you how.

The second key principle was to determine how I would convey my messages to my audience.

Jeff talked about five different styles to reach audiences. My style is the prophet followed by the professor. The prophet tells the truth, is dissatisfied with the status quo, and believes things can be different. The professor builds blogs on facts, data, gets it right and has a thirst for knowledge.

I am dissatisfied with the status quo when it comes to facing challenges in life.

Are you being tossed to and fro and feel like you have no control as you face the gale winds? There were many times that I felt like I had no control when walking through cancer. I learned valuable lessons and collected facts and data during my journey. I will share these with you so that you can use them to get through your storms.

Get ready to thrive in your storms. It is possible! I will show you how in my weekly blogs.

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Laura J Weber