Digging Trenches

Digging trenches is hard and dirty work. I know because I’ve dug a few in my lifetime.

There is always a purpose for digging trenches; I’ve never known anyone to dig a trench just for the fun of it.

When we think that we are making headway, our shovels hit a large rock, or worst yet, smaller rocks clustered together. The rocks hinder our progress forward, and weakness settles in with every shovel push; this is when friends are needed to help us maintain focus on the purpose of digging. If we don’t keep going until the purpose is achieved, we leave a hole for someone else to fall into. Not a good situation.

Now I know I’m talking about the physical act of digging trenches, but I see comparisons to when God calls us to come alongside people to help them in their trenches of daily living. Let’s face it, we all go through things in our lives that require people to come alongside to help us in the trenches of life. Most times, these trenches are not pretty, they require hard work, things get dirty, and obstacles abound to impede our forward progress to achieve our purpose.

Think of the damage caused by us not even being willing to step into the trenches of life when someone needs us to, or even worse yet when we jump out of the trenches before they accomplish whatever the purpose of the trench is. On the flip side, think about the good fruit that comes when we help someone walk through their daily trenches of living and keep pointing them to Jesus as their helper, comforter, and healer.

The best fruit I’ve experienced when helping someone is seeing them trusting and drawing closer to God as they walk through their trenches. Yes, it is hard work walking with someone as they walk through their trenches of daily living, but there is no better joy to see them drawing closer to the Lord.

Is God calling you to come alongside someone in your life? If so, I encourage you to grab your shovel, jump in, and walk with them until they fulfill their purpose in the trench. Keep pointing them to Jesus and watch with amazement at what the Lord does.

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Laura J Weber